This database consists of data (movies, content descriptions, box office data, awards, cast and key creative positions) used in scientific research. The data used in the research is available both in locked tables (to preserve the original data) and wiki-modifiable tables. All data is sourced from other sites to make sure it's representative.

Since the original research database (2001-2005) was first posted, it has been expanded back to late 1991 (when Kids-In-Mind started rating films) and forward to recent years. Anyone is welcome to add to or amend the data here, as well as run reports and download data for your own use, but you need to register with the administrator first (to foil the bots). To delete data, add large quantities of data, report bugs, or add new kinds of data, please contact the administrator at admin [at] filmcontentdatabase [dot] com

April 2018: To foil the bots, you now need to register with the administrator by email before you can add or change data.

June 2017: All people (except one) have an IMDb number, and you can now search by IMDb number as well as by name.

September 2016: Changed web hosts. I think everything is working. If you find a problem, please let me know.

January 2014: In the process of adding films for 2012 and 2013. Charts and tables have been added for demographics by year. Demographics links have their own page (see menu for link).

January 11, 2014: The Bechdel Test data/charts/tables have been added. (See below for the link to the Bechdel Test site.)

December 31, 2013: Charts and tables have been added for the percentage of women in cast/crew vs content. (Should have done it years ago!)

As of March 25, 2012, all films except one (Sketches of Frank Gehry (2006), reviewed by Screenit!) have IMDb film numbers, to prevent confusion as to which film is which. Please make sure all new films added have an IMDb film number for reference.

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Research this data has been used in

Cerridwen, A., & Simonton, D. K., 2009. Sex doesn't sell - nor impress: Content, box office, critics, and awards in mainstream cinema. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts 3(4): 200-210.

Online reports or articles this data has been used in

Correlations From the Film Content Database Data, November 2011: looks at correlations between film content, box office, percentage of cast/key crew that is male, and critic ratings.

Correlations From the Film Content Database Data, May 2012: an update of the previous set of correlations, with much more data in the database.

Results for Dress For Success study, May 2012 (see also links in Dress For Success section here).

Sexualized Content in Acting Roles study, originally posted here July 2012, moved September 2013.

Data sources

Almost all of this data came off the internet from somewhere or other.


Box Office Mojo

Screen It! Entertainment Reviews for Parents (all films 2001-2006)

Kids in Mind (all films to mid-December, 2011)


Rotten Tomatoes


The Bechdel Test


Charts are done using Open Flash Chart. All other coding by Anemone Cerridwen.